I am back… whats new?

So, It has been forever seen my last post… many things have changed since last year… Here is a short update:

  • 7 Months ago, I decided to take along unpaid leave to pursue my entrepreneurship dream
  • I designed a new site from scratch. Enjoyed every programming moment, but the results were not really what I expected. In short, the site wasn’t a huge success, so I had to consider Plan B
  • I started searching for a new job and that is how I came across countless job sites, job search engines and job fairs, I tried to take advantage of the experience, so I created another site, Career Watch, that should be useful to anyone who is looking for a job as well.
  • So here I am… after 7 months of hard work, back to square 1… or maybe square zero. Why? I lost half my savings, My websites aren’t doing that well and I simply have to go back to my old job.


So I am back, and this time, I am back and I will be blogging daily. I decided to make this blog more casual, less serious. It doesn’t have to be just about programming, web development and IT related topics. It will be really just “notes from a nerd”… If I learn sometime new, I will blog about it, If not, I will just share my thoughts, my plans, my dreams.


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