Mixing running with programming with video editing…

so here is what i’ve been up to…

One of my favorite hobbies is running and of course programming is another. I have recently started recording my Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm videos and I had to commentate my games and edit and upload them to youtube… so in the process of doing all that, i discovered i had a new hobby which is video editing.

So what does a nerd with three such hobbies do? Mix it all together and the result is this:

Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2014


So what is so special about this video? Good question, and here is your answer:

  1. The video was taken while I was running a full marathon, 42.195 km or shall we say 26.2 Miles for my dear american readers who have no idea what a KM is :p. (i.e. first hobby running)
  2. I had to edit the video to remove the bad footage and put it all together. (i.e. second hobby video editing)
  3. I used programming to
    1. sync and embed (distance, elapsed time, elapsed distance) from my GPS enabled Garmin watch  with my video (i.e. third hobby programming)
    2. extract each runner’s info from the Dubai marathon results page and then sync and embed it with my video  (i.e. third hobby programming)


Here is how I did it:

1- I used php code to crawl the results pages from here : dubai.mikatiming.de/2014/ and save them into a csv file

2- After editing my video footage, I wrote down each runners bib, example, 2384,3:53… it means load the info of runner 2384 at the 3 minutes and 53 seconds of the video. I saved this info in a csv

3- During my run, I video taped my watch at the start of the race to know which point does my video and watch coincide at. Then I defined these coinciding points in another csv file.

4- I used extended script in After effects to programmatically create the compositions, solids and text boxes, create key frames, add opacity transitions based on the csv files in steps 1, 2 and 3…

… I rendered the video and here we are…

If you have any questions, or need help doing a similar project, or would like to see some sample code, please feel free to comment on this post and I’ll happy to answer your questions.


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