Limited Connectivity (No Internet Connection) on my Wireless Router

The problem: Limited Connectivity (No Internet Connection)

For more than one year, I had to restart my wireless router for more than 1000 times, just to be able to connect two of my laptops and my phone to the internet. This was really a pain in the ass, because even if I shutdown my laptop then i turn it on, I wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet again unless I restart my router. Even worse, every time my android phone automatically disabled the phone’s wireless to save battery, this meant I had to restart my wireless router again to be able to reconnect my phone to the internet…

All that was until I decided to stop being lazy and do some research on the issue and now the problem is solved and I feel great. If you have a similar problem, then read on and learn how to fix this issue.

Scenario: Multiple Laptops and a smart phone connected to the internet through a Wireless Router

My ISP has provided a DSL Modem to my house, which had no wireless interface and instead had LAN interface to multiple ports through the house . Therefore I had to buy my own wireless router ( in my case: I used ADSL DLINK – 2640 T which I had at home from a previous ISP). This was a wireless DSL Modem with multiple Lan output/input and a wireless interface. So by connecting my ISP’s Lan output to my wireless router input, The router acted as a repeater and I could connect all my devices to it.

How I resolved the problem!

The solution was as easy as disabling my DHCP

The ISP’s DSL Modem was already handling the DHCP for me, so keeping the DHCP enabled in my wireless router was a mistake. Snapshots below show how you can do it on Dlink 2640t. It should be easy for you to find out how to do it in different routers.

Different Scenarios: I still Can’t connect to the internet

While doing my research, I was able to find some common issues many people are facing.

So, If you have a different setup and in the case where your DSL modem is also your wireless router. Try the following:

  • Change DHCP lease time:

    Router Automatically Disconnects my devices, then try to change the DHCP to enabled and set the lease time in the DHCP menu to 99999 instead of 3600.

  • Upgrading Wireless Router Firmware:

    (Only do this at your own risk!!! If something goes wrong, recovering your old firmware might not be an option) If all the above doesn’t work even though you are confident that you have properly setup your wireless router, then it is possible that upgrading the firmware of the wireless router could help. Usually vendors release updated firmwares where known and common bugs are fixes. You can do that by:

  • 1- Visit the vendor’s website, for example and search for firmware updates corresponding to the model of your wireless router.

    2- Download the firmware image.

    3- Log in to your wireless device and update the firmware by using the web interface to upload the downloaded firmware image


    1- Only use trusted firmware from a known website, in my case, i found the firmware of Dlink 2640t by searching “dlink ftp server firmware 2640t” which finally led me to this link (
    2- Updating your firmware might reset your configuration, so be sure to have your DSL login information ready in case you loose it + remember to setup your admin password again + your wireless password…

Goodluck, Hope this helps, Please leave a comment if this is helpful to you, It would really make me happy to know that my notes made someone’s life easier :), Thanks